The Manchester Education Association is now online!!!

This website is for members of the Manchester Education Association to easily access information about local, state, and federal educational issues.


Jeff Leake and Tom Nicolas were elected to CEA President and Vice President respectively.   Pictured on the right is the MEA Delegation that attended the CEA Rep Assembly who included (from left to right) Greg Denies (Keeney), Claudia Millette (IMS), Sue Stepanski (IMS) Kate Dias (MHS), Tom Nicholas (Keeney), Barbara Kastner (MHS), Stefanie Grande(MHS), Erienne Grieco (Bennet), Jenna Toner (MRA), Jill Kilgus (Highland).  Shelley Carlson (Bennet), Joan Corwin (Bowers), Martha DiGiovanni (Bowers), and Eileen Godbout (Bennet) also participated!


Be connected, be informed, be involved!!

The MEA office is located at 483 West Middle Turnpike, Suite 201, in Manchester, CT.   Contact Kate Dias, MEA President, at 860-474-3184.